PIFR Blog: Day 1

26th June 2016 – Welcome to Pender Island! 


It’s day one of the Pender Island Flute Retreat (“PIFR”).  We have all been promised a week of beautiful weather on one of the most beautiful islands in British Columbia.  So, not a bad start to the week!


After a day of ferry crossings, everyone congregated at Mark’s House for dinner and the evening workshop.  Including faculty there are 25 of us.  We were greeted by a very friendly Gwen Klassen and assistant Emma Shubin in the most wonderful setting.  It was 7pm by the time we started the opening workshop.  It was a good chance to introduce ourselves and participants from previous years let us know why they decided to come back.  Everyone then gave an example of something that they feel joyful about and something they grieve (or feel regretful about) in their flute playing life.  There was a wide spectrum of answers and it really helped people open up.  There will be more self-exploration and development throughout the week in addition to learning about flute, music and much more, which we are all excited about.

Tomorrow is the first day of classes with Wibb, as well as workshops with Heather Campbell and Gabriella Minnes-Brandes.

Check back for Day 2 tomorrow!  There will be some interviews with participants to enjoy as well.

Thanks for reading and Happy Fluting!



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