Happy 80th birthday, William Bennett!

This year, William Bennett is 80 years old!  To celebrate, there will be a concert in London this August Click here for details.

William Bennett is one of the most influential flute playing musicians in history – his numerous recordings as a soloist and orchestral player show just how wonderful and versatile a musician he is.  Not only that, he has worked tirelessly on the flute’s scale with various flute makers and flute players to help improve its intonation.  On top of that, he is an extremely passionate, dedicated and inspiring teacher – at the Royal Academy of Music and in masterclasses all around the world.  As a previous student of Wibb, I can testify to one of the most enriching and enjoyable periods of my life.  I also remember the first time I heard Wibb – it was on my father’s car cassette player one day about 20 years ago when he picked me up from school.  It was a compilation of different flute concerti and I remember that my favourite recordings were a Bach concerto and the two Mozart concerti.  I looked on the cassette liner notes and all of them were played by William Bennett!



To celebrate this extraordinary man, 3738go  (a company based in Japan) have made some wonderful merchandise, some of which uses artwork by William Bennett himself.  If you wish to buy any of this, it is available on my website:  www.roderickseedflute.com

AND, if you use the code:  rodfluteblog  you can get a further 10% OFF!

All proceeds go towards funding William Bennett’s 80th birthday tour of Japan.

Also available are CDs by Lorna McGhee and Denis Bouriakov.    Prices are in Canadian dollars.   Shipping costs apply.   Shipped from Canada.

This is one of my favourite recordings of Wibb.  Enjoy!   Happy Birthday Wibb!


William Bennett plays Handel




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