Andersen etudes op.15 – no.7

andersen 7 a

This etude is great for developing a smooth even sound across a wide range.

The first step is to work out the skeleton and phrase structure:

andersen 7  annotated


To practise this, we can take out all the unnecessary notes and leave the skeleton:

andersen outline

This gives us the macro phrasing.  Phrase towards the second bar to the really expressive appoggiatura on E sharp, resolving on F sharp.    In bar 3 and bar 4, phrase towards the middle of each bar.    The repeated F sharps and repeated G sharps in bars 9 and 10 sound very expressive when you phrase to the middle of the bar.


Adding the notes back in

For a true legato, we need to do some micro phrasing using our embouchure so that large intervals and weak beats  do not pop out.  Here is how I would practise it:

andersen prac

This phrasing here reinforces the main notes of the melody which I marked on the annotated score at the top.    As you phrase away, lift the airstream with the lower lip so the notes don’t become flat.  As you phrase forwards to the next beat (the lower example), lower the airstream slightly so the main notes don’t sound sharp.

Where you see phrases like:


andersen 7 interval

Make sure you lift the airstream and do a small diminuendo for each beat so the high notes don’t stick out.



Apply this technique to the whole etude.  Once you have mastered it, the repetitious nature of the etude gives you a chance to put it into practice over and over again!    Try to put the micro phrasings into context of the large phrases so that all you can hear is a completely smooth line with a beautiful shape.   At first it might sound overdone, so after practise, you can make it more subtle and fluid.


Thanks for reading and happy fluting!


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