You Tube Flute Favourites #2

Here’s my second instalment of You Tube Flute Favourites!  This edition focuses on 2 teaching videos which give great advice on how to practise harmonics and pitch bending, something I do daily.

The two featured artists are: Emily Beynon, principal flute ofthe Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra; and Denis Bouriakov, newly appointed principal flute of the LA Phil.

1. Emily Beynon – Harmonics


In this video, Emily explains how to move between registers using changes in air speed. By isolating air speed from direction and amount, we can clearly understand the technique of achieving quiet high notes and moving easily over wide intervals.  She uses conventional harmonic exercises and reverse harmonics (fingering a high note and splitting it down). Emily has a very easy to follow teaching style and demonstrates the exercises with apparent ease.
2.  Denis Bouriakov – Note Bending 

This exercise comes from William Bennett, who can bend a note by a major 3rd!  It’s a great exercise for finding a sound with the harmonics in tune.  Those with a woolly or sharp C sharp should practise this.  Denis demonstrates clearly and takes you through the process at a good steady pace.  It’s also useful for flexibility of the embouchure and warming up.

Thanks for reading and happy fluting!

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