Flute Associations and Festivals

Larry Krantz (with the help of Trevor Wye) has provided a comprehensive list of flute associations, which can be found here:  http://www.larrykrantz.com/fltassoc.htm

In addition to those, I would like to list a few more that are relatively new to the scene, but worth knowing about.

  1.  Canadian Flute Association


The Canadian Flute Association (CFA) recently presented their 2nd bi-annual flute convention, which was a huge success.  Everything was very well-organised, thanks to Samantha Chang and her team.  There was a good mix of classes, concerts and presentations.  I was lucky enough to attend and give a class and concert with my friends in the Moyse Ensemble – we felt very welcome and had time to enjoy the sights of Toronto.  The CFA convention is not as big as its American or British counterparts, but it has a very intimate and friendly atmosphere.   The CFA website lists teachers, accompanists and has some reviews of concerts.   If you can make it to Toronto next time, I recommend it.



AFLAUP is a non-profit organization established in April 2015 of around 160 members.  The president is Luís Meireles and the flautists Gil Magalhães and Marco Pereira are also part of the Board of Direction.  I Encontro de Flauta do Porto was the first event organized by AFLAUP during the 10th, 11th and 12th of September, gathering flautists from all over the country with a total of 100 participants.  Here is their YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3XBWx33TZ2SxrcLXqikdZg

3.  Australian Flute Festival


This festival looks like a great way to be introduced to the Australian flute playing community.  Their recent festival held at ANU School of Music featured Lorna McGhee, Sebastian Jacot  (my YouTube Flute Favourites!) Thies Roorda and Michel Bellavance among others.

4.  La Côte Flute Festival – Switzerland

Maxence Larrieu by Carla Rees


Like the first edition, the second edition of the Swiss flute festival will take place in the La Côte region, between Geneva and Lausanne.  There is an impressive list of invited artists.   The next festival will take place in October 2016.  Nice chocolate and fine flute playing – what more would you want?!

Flute festivals and associations are great ways to meet like-minded people and also explore a new part of the world.  Each flute association and festival has its own unique character and approach.  I look forward to going to more in the future.  Hope to see you there!

Thanks for reading and happy fluting!

New feature coming soon:  Flute Interviews

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