First blog

Hello!  To those who are reading this, welcome to my blog!  I hope to write regularly about the flute, covering topics such as practising, reviews, event recommendations and any general flute related advice.  I will do my best to write a blog once a week.  If you have anything that you would like me to write about, please do let me know-  ideas are always welcome!

I’m a flute player and teacher based in Vancouver and have been lucky enough to study with some of the greatest flute playing musicians – with William Bennett at Royal Academy of Music in London, with Lorna McGhee in Canada and in masterclasses around the world.    For more information about me, please take a look at my website:

I currently teach at Mozart School of Music and Tapestry Music and will be writing some articles comparing the British and Canadian approach to studying and playing.  I’m currently working on a book for flute players and I will be introducing topics from that in a series of blogs.

Please feel free to comment or get in touch any time!

Thanks for reading and catch you next time!  Happy fluting!


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